How To “Unfriend” The “Friendzone”


“You’re such a great friend.” Harsher words were never spoken when coming from the mouth of someone you love. Or someone you think you could love. Or someone you just consider as a potential date. The Friend Zone. We’ve all been there, but most of us look back perplexed wondering, “How’d I end up here?!” It’s like a bear trap; you’re walking along … [Read more...]

Three Love Lessons From The Movies

lessons from the movies

Who doesn’t want a big-screen romance? The kind that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes could star in, that becomes a date night standby for new couples and a breakup cry movie for girls everywhere; sounds magical, doesn’t it? Of course, love in the movies—as we all know—isn’t “real” love. It’s crafted to make the viewer believe that failing in love is always that … [Read more...]

How to be “That Girl” All The Guys Want


You probably have a coworker, friend, or classmate who you envy—she’s gorgeous, classy, funny, and attracts guys like a Venus flytrap pulling in flies. It’s time to stop envying her and start being her. Face it: you’re not in high school anymore. And even if you are, jealousy isn’t becoming at any age. Besides, there’s no reason you can’t emulate the … [Read more...]

Bad Breakup? Get Back on Your Feet—Here’s How

sad woman cries a tear

No one likes getting broken up with. In fact, most people hate it. Even if you and your partner split on congenial terms—he’s moving away for school, you’re too busy with work for a relationship, you both just see that your lives are going different ways—it hurts to end something that was once good. It hurts a lot. While there’s no way to erase the healing … [Read more...]