Goodbye Letters – Bitter Sweet Remembrance

Goodbye Letters from lovers lost

I received this one in the Urban Dater mailbox the other day. I was reading it and thought it was very touching, very heart-felt. I was, shall we say, flattered… That's when I realized this letter wasn't fomrme. This was a letter being shared by one of our readers from our request for your breakup letters. Enjoy Alex

I remember those days, when we were so in love. And it felt like every day that went by was another honey moon; over and over we fell in love. We would gaze into each others eyes and just know how much we meant to each other.

As relationships do, the honeymoon faze didn't last.. And our fights overcame our love for each other. The pain was devastating. You were my first love, the one that filled my heart with a torturous love thatw e couldn't control. An inferno we weren't prepared for, and couldn't control.

I know when you saw me again, and we spent hours with our noses touching talking about nothing but saying everything all at once. My eyes were glinting with almost tears, as were yours. We struggled to hold onto the normalty of seeing an old friend but it was much more then that. it was like seeing you come back to life. Like you'd died and all of a sudden were standing there. It was like the first day… and I gave you away.
We could've been together again, but.. I set you free. We had nothing in our way; our time was then. But I.. set you free.

I've made the biggest mistake of my life. And my soul-mate is gone. As a leg or an arm is attached, I miss you like a limb. My best friend, my lover, my companion. Why am I so foolish? I love you still. And, I know you wanted me. You whispered words of love, happiness, blessed relief. Yet, I turned away from you. Giving you away like a gift to someone who was as you called it. “Barely a shadow of the beautiful woman I love.”

Where are you now my bb. As you always told me in our pet name way.

“I miss you Muffin.” And I feel so empty and desolete still. It's been 2 years. And you still love me. Why are we so far apart.

How did it turn out like this.


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