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Many people feel that online dating adds a lot of extra work to their already-hectic lives. Let me save you the years of trial and error. Internet dating can be a breeze and fun if you have the right skill set. Think about it, in reality you can save time. You can pre-date right in the comfort of your own home in your pj’s. No going out with a guy only to find his religion or political views are intolerable to you. No accidental flirting with the guy at the bar who’s married or taken. No spending an evening with a blind date with whom you share no common interest. And, even better, no driving, no dressing, and no prepping.

Top ten guidelines to find Mr. Right-now:

Your Dating Resume–Spend the effort creating your profile, it will be used to introduce you to thousands of potential suitors. There are hundreds of dating websites, each with thousands, and up to millions, of members. More men are online dating than women. The odds are already stacked in your favor.

Picture Perfect– We all know men are visual creatures, the pictures are the most important part of your profile. You’re a gorgeous individual unlike any other on earth; let your prospects see you radiate off the screen. Use a professional makeup artist and take professional photos or get resourceful and find talented friends or art and cosmetology schools to help.

You’ve Got Mail–Create a separate e-mail account just for online dating so your other personal or business e-mails won’t be mixed up with your dating life. Most sites systematically send you automated e-mails for any communication to you from other users. Some sites do not have a disable option for this service.

Who’s Been Peeking At Me–You don’t have to initiate contact, if you’re interested simply view his profile, you needn’t wink or e-mail, he’ll know you’ve stopped by. ALL men online know about the feature that allows them to review who’s been looking at their profile, and they ALL use this option regularly.

Prince Charming Calling–Take a picture of your online date from his profile with your phone and store it with his number under PC then his name to identify it's your possible Prince Charming from an online dating sight.

Know Thy Date–Copy and paste your date’s profile on your computer so you don’t have continue reviewing it on line. It will give you great conversation stimulators for your date and allow you a refresher on his personal information should you need it.

No Negative Nancy–You can work emotions from the inside out or from the outside in. Try it with a smile. Try it with confidence. Try it with any quality you want to flourish. Fake it till you make it!

Some Like it Hot–Men need to feel that chemistry–not just a great date but a SPARK like no other woman can give them. If you really like him, no holding back! Flirt with him, no need to tell him–show him you’re interested. Picture yourself watching a movie of you and your date. Is it so boring that it would put you to sleep?

Abracadabra–The Disappearing Man Act–Sometimes after a feeling you had great date with a gentlemen, they may disappear. You have no idea of his back story or other things that may be going on in his life–it's no reflection of you. Think of this as the universe saving you from an incompatible mate.

My Groundhog Day approach–If you find you aren’t having the kind of men you desire approach you online, change your profile–change your user name, change your photos, change your autobiographical section. And if that doesn’t work, change it again.

Without exception, you are exceptional! Sometimes you just need to find the best resources to access that internal goddess of goodness you are. Through online dating you can learn the skills to master yourself from the inside out, all the while having a blast dating exceptional men in the process. You can cultivate that depth and beauty which already resides within you. The more you grow to appreciate yourself, the more others will appreciate you. You will become the woman who will attract the quality of people into your life that you desire and deserve! You will even want to hang out more with you!

Author Profile

Drea Bauer is the author of the self-development guide to online dating—Miss Match: become the QUEEN of online dating in a skinny minute. While Drea spent many years attaining her formal education to become an attorney, she has spent a lifetime becoming herself. She has now mastered the art of fulfillment and become the exceptional woman she was born to be. Her purpose is now to empower other women to find strength in their femininity and fire within themselves. A graduate of USC School of Law and Tony Robbins’ Master University and Leadership programs, she can boast achievements in other disciplines as well: becoming a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner; completing extensive hours training with David Deida personally (author of Way of the Superior Man); being inducted as a Oneness Blessing Giver; attending PAX training with Allison Armstrong; sitting in silence for eleven hours a day at a ten-day Vipassana Meditation Retreat; and becoming certified in Temporal Dynamics and Hypnotherapy. She was bestowed the prestigious Palmetto Patriot Award for her service to the State of South Carolina. Her book, Miss Match, was honored with the “Improve your Spirit, Improve Yourself Award” by Fed-Up Girl, Inc. which is a world-renowned non-profit for the education of youth on body image, self-esteem, and healthy living. Drea is currently a practicing attorney, real estate broker and developer, executive producer of an environmental film, constable commissioned by the governor, board member of several nonprofits, and award-winning author.

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