Dating a Graphic Designer with “Benefits”

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Graphic designers are no less charming than any other guys. Dating them is all about the fun, imagination, and more beautiful pictures of yours on the Internet. So get ready and start your romance with a creative boo.

1. NO photoshop fail like Kylie Jenner

Editing photos on your phone is as easy as eating pies. It fits your curves and even your walls. How perfect! Let’s face it, guys. Even supa dupa richies like Kylie Jenner who can afford premium features from editing apps got curved walls and pillows. A graphic designer boyfriend will never fail you and your social media followers. Unnaturally wall curves will no longer exist as your photos are nicely photoshopped by your photoshop expert.

2. Expect some of Titanic’s moments

Graphic designers can draw, too. One day, when my boyfriend and I finished watching Titanic, he was asking if he could draw me like the way Jack did with Rose. I found it quite cheesy but I can’t help but say yes. When drawing, he only focuses on me and me only. And to see him patiently work on his masterpiece makes me love him even more. How precious it is to have someone capture your beauty with a heart full of love.

3. Personal photographer

Not all bad pictures can be fixed by photoshop. All graphic designers once studied how to take pictures and they know which corner has the best lighting. And you’re only one call away to book him a photo shoot at your own house.

4. Your own stylist

Designers have a better fashion sense and you can surely get some of it. Even though their fashion style may be a little odd compared to others but still got their own style. Rarely does a guy want to go shopping with his girlfriend as he thinks it’s boring and such a waste of time. A designer boyfriend will never let you down, especially when it comes to shopping. It’s his only goal of the day to help you find what looks good on you. And what is more romantic than having your boyfriend help you choose what to wear? A couple who looks good together stays forever.

5. Creative date ideas

It starts with museums where you can see him being the most passionate and intelligent. Here are some date ideas from my boo:

  • Pottery date: The good thing is you can keep any goods you make together as souvenirs.
  • Painting class: Let’s take a good look at your lover and keep him not only on your mind but also on papers.
  • Swap massages: Put on your sexy robe and enjoy *wink*.
  • Make something together: Classic home-cooked dinner and IKEA shelf never go wrong. Quality one-on-one time is never enough.
  • Recreate our first date: Clumsy, awkward first date is something to remember.

6. tpexxelCat person

Can you believe that graphic designers’ favorite pet of all time is the cat? Even a person who used to chase away cats like my guy is now owning himself a little sweet girl named Wolfie. She’s his sweetheart and all that makes me quite jealous. He can take great care of her and treat her like a true princess. Moreover, each member of his team owns a cat so you can be sure to share a common interest when dating a graphic designer.

There are many more reasons for anyone to date a graphic designer. Promise you it’s all good. All your pictures could be a little bit unreal but his love for you is solid and endless. Don’t be shy and enjoy the new ride of love.

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