3 Ways To Identify If He Is Boyfriend Material

Is he boyfriend material

To decide whether a guy is boyfriend material, you have to use open-ended questions to get him to divulge more details about his private life after knowing him for at least 1-2 months. These are some of the useful information you may ponder over whilst testing, if he makes the cut for entering into a committed relationship with you.

Childhood And Family Upbringing

Knowing and understanding a person’s childhood experiences is one of the keys to attaining a holistic perspective of a specific individual’s character and personality. Someone who has undergone much poverty during his childhood may grow up to be a strong, resolute individual with unrestrained drive and a fierce tenacity for spearheading entrepreneurship. So, as it turns out, experiencing poverty may not be a bad thing for that particular individual since it instilled a formidable fighting spirit within the latter.

Whereas for someone, who has had to endure the pain of a broken family since he was a toddler, it may cause that person to become averse to the prospect of getting married and setting up a family in eventuality. For a guy that grew up in a complicated family, the answer to whether he can prove to be a good husband in the long-term will be highly dependent on his core values and overall perception of what needs to be done to maintain an everlasting marriage. By posing the question pertaining to his childhood memories at a suitable setting, it might embolden him to pour out his hidden grievances or happiness arising from his younger days without you prodding him further on the topic.

Past Romantic Relationships

Any man who is still hung up over his girlfriend from the past is not worth waiting for, unless he can get over his regrets and sadness in losing that particular ex fast enough. The mere sight of him pining for his ex or having to witness his jealousy over the slightest mention of his ex-girlfriend hanging out with a man other than him, is not going to be a pleasant experience for either of you.

If you don’t remove yourself from this predicament soon, you may end up in the role of a love counsellor to him on the days when he can barely control his rollercoaster emotions. For sure, that’s not included in your agenda, isn’t it? For that reason, before you decide to invest all your emotions into this potential mate, do try to sound him out on his past relationships and observe whether he’s still obsessing over any of his girlfriends from the past.


Once you have verified that your date has certainly moved on from his past relationships, you can also try to fish for information relating to his spiritual beliefs. If he happens to share a common spiritual belief with you, it makes it easier for you to bond with him further by sharing your thoughts about the religion, how it has impacted on you as well as the activities you often undertake on a routine basis to show your devotion.

On the reverse, if you happen to be worshipping a different religion from him, then the choice is yours to decide whether you are willing to forsake your personal religious beliefs simply to enter into matrimony with this guy whom you’ve singled out for keeps. To avoid complicating matters further, it is advisable for you to choose someone with a similar religion as you to be your future life partner.

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Titania Hudson is an expert in love matters, having weathered through a few errant relationships and is now a happily married mother of three kids after trying her hand at speed dating, pen-pal dating and match-making through an agency.

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