Walking a Fine Line.

Bars represent a multitude of opportunities for meeting and hitting on the opposite sex.  This was never made more clear to me than last night when my girls and I hit the town.  Newly single, I was ready to test the waters and get the ego boost that getting hit on by a random guy can singularly provide.

As the boys starting coming to our table, we started noticing a trend.  The guys would seem cool and interesting, and then they would cross a line of drunkenness.  They would go from having just a little bit of liquid courage that would allow them to come talk to us to being overly drunk and touchy-feely and highly inappropriate.

The sad thing is that these guys had a shot… until they crossed that line.  They knew their prey.  They could see that I was trying to believe in the old adage that the easiest way to get over someone is to get under someone new.  I was evidently sending out this vibe right and left.

But then they crossed the fine line and their chances completely disappeared.  My girlfriends and I were discussing this later, and we started to wonder if they knew.  Did they know that they were so close, and if they had just not had that last beer, they might have helped me do something I would regret later.

So I somehow felt it was my duty to inform the boys of the world that they are screwing themselves out of… getting screwed.  Don't drink that extra beer.  Don't cross that line… no matter how fine it seems.  Trust me – the girls of the world are not suffering any.  You are simply giving us foddor for stories we tell other girls that always begin, “You won't believe this idiot I met last night…”  In the end, it is only your libido that is getting hurt by your actions.

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