How Dating Changes in the Next Ten Years

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We live in a crazy day and age that is defined by a fast pace and an uncontrollable change that has reached every area of our daily life. One area that has already changed a lot over the last couple of years is dating.

I recently had a conversation with my father who told me about the time he met my mum. There was no Facebook, no text messages, no Instagram and no online dating. He told me that the chances of meeting women were extremely limited. When I told him about my international dating experiences with women all over the globe he just chuckled and said that his generation didn’t even have the possibility to date girls from other countries.

the urban dater, dating changes, how dating will change, sex and dating advice

In the same way things have changed, things will continue to change in the future. In ten years, dating will be completely different than it is today.

The War of the Sexes  

Even though the majority of changes that will take place in the next couple of years are positive, I can’t deny the fact that one issue will become more of a problem than it has ever been before. The battle of the sexes is already in full swing but if men and women continue the way they treat each other right now, this innocent battle will develop to a war.

Whenever you look at an article that a woman wrote, you will find tons of negative comments from men under it. Whenever you read articles that are posted on popular manosphere blogs you see the exact same behavior from women. I have even heard from authors from both sides who received death threats because of their publications. That’s where the fun is definitely over.

Unless men and women find a way to bury the hatchet (not literally), the new dating world that we are heading for is anything but promising. That’s why I ask you to help form the future world we live in. Contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious relationship between men and women.

How can you do that? Don’t let the angry voices destroy your chances of a happy relationship. Think for yourself and ignore the hunt of the crowd.

Love in a Digital World

Nowadays I hear so many people talking about how terrible it is that everybody sits in front of the laptop all day and that more and more people get to know each other online instead of meeting in the real world. However, I think that a lot of people neglect the benefits that the digitalization of dating brings along.

Online dating will become more popular during the next couple of years, which will allow people from different cities, countries, and even from different continents to meet each other and to fall in love. I think that this is a great development that not only offers people the possibility to increase their chances of finding the right partner, but that has also the power to contribute to the cultural education of our society.

Don’t be afraid of getting judged because you tell someone that you met your partner online. Don’t be afraid of appearing “desperate” because you couldn’t find a partner in the real world. The only thing that counts is that you find what you are looking for, no matter if you find it online or in the real world.

the urban dater, sex and dating advice

The Acceptance of Interracial Dating

I already said that online dating will become more and more popular but what consequences does that have on our lives?

Let me share a personal experience with you that happened about a year ago. Back then I was dating a black girl, and one evening I decided to take her to a party. You should assume that dating a black girl isn’t a big deal in the year 2014, but as it turned out it was.

Everybody at the party looked at us as if we were some kind of aliens. It was terrible. I strongly believe that in ten years experiences like the one that I made will only happen very occasionally.

The acceptance of interracial relationships will continue to grow and as a result of this the stigmatization that interracial couples still are subject to will become less. The fact that more men and women date people from all over the world can also be linked to the two aspects that I talked about earlier.

The battle of the sexes that especially rages in the Western world leads to the fact that more people look for suitable partners outside of the country and the rise of online dating offers an easy way for interracial couples to meet.

No matter what the causes of this development are, hopefully it leads to a better relationship between the sexes, less racism and more happy couples. However, this is only possible if you contribute your share by regarding interracial couples as something beautiful and normal. Stop judging and start accepting.

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