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Your Greatest Love Affair is with Yourself

My mother always warned me about never loving too hard. She would tell me to always remember my own name. You can love someone, but you can never love someone too fiercely…because what will happen when they leave the room?...

/ March 17, 2015

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Singles in Their Twenties Make

The twenties are a great time in just about anybody's life. The twenties are a decade where the world is full of hope, opportunity, and best of all, great potential for finding love. Unfortunately, love is also the department where men...

/ November 28, 2014

The Day We Stopped Being “Friends”

I'm not sure when it happened. Was it Tuesday? Maybe a week ago, or a random Sunday morning, as you curled up on the couch, with your laptop. Whatever the day, you made a conscious effort to remove me as...

/ October 22, 2014

Perspective is Everything.

My friends were there laughing. I'd just told them how I'd had a threesome with a cute woman and her chihuahua (not really, but the chihuahua really makes for a good punchline) and they were rolling. “Really!!?” they asked.  I...

/ August 7, 2014
relationship complicated

It’s Complicated….Really?

Ever met a great person you were mutually attracted to but one of you was already in a committed relationship? Crossed paths with a stranger you were naturally drawn to only to find out they are in a complicated situation....

/ October 10, 2013
bad breakup

Bad Breakup? Get Back on Your Feet—Here’s How

No one likes getting broken up with. In fact, most people hate it. Even if you and your partner split on congenial terms—he’s moving away for school, you’re too busy with work for a relationship, you both just see that...

/ August 4, 2013

Why Knowing About Kim and Kanye Will Help Your Dating Life

Don’t you just love celebrity gossip? A lot of people love to rail against our celebrity crazed culture, including me at times. Like it or not, a lot of women are obsessed with celebrity culture and instead of complaining, learn...

/ August 4, 2013

Does Online Dating Actually Improve Relationship Outcomes

The lovely Single Dating Diva featured a piece by us over on her blog. It's a piece that I think is important to talk about: Does Online Dating Improve relationship outcomes? Does it? Well, go check the article out and...

/ July 20, 2013