Why Extra Marital Affairs Might be Worth it.

extra marital affairs

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Being into a relationship with the one person is one of the most difficult commitment anyone will ever have to go through. The hard work needed and the trust involved to keep that boat floating are second to none, putting people under a lot of pressure on a daily basis. And it works for most people who take that leap of faith, gambling their life away under the assumption that their partner will stay faithful and committed to them for the rest of their lives. And while some people will find happiness in finding the right life partner, this sort of lifetime commitment can also bring some very long-lasting moments of unhappiness. This can be especially true when someone goes into marital bliss with the wrong mind-set. After all, marriage ought to make both people stronger, not weaker.

Emotional fulfilment

Being in a lifelong relationship will bring the practical satisfactions of being in a partnership, in a similar way that team work can bring satisfaction by accomplishing certain objectives.In the case of lifelong couples, most of those objectives revolve around the concept of having a family and bringing up children to succeed their parents. Whilst this objective can lead to great emotional rewards, the day-to-day work that comes with a family can leave some people to feel unfulfilled because a lot of attention is taken away from them and directed towards the functional aspect of running their family. This is why some people suddenly feel unwanted or even unappreciated, which can lead them to start craving attention from other people, even another potential partner. Small gestures become much more important to show one another that you each care. There's still only 24 hours in a day, but it really does make a difference when you can take a minute to show each other you care.

Lifelong sexual satisfaction?

Staying with the one person for the rest of one’s life means having to take the time to be creative and imaginative in bed. Having a sexually rewarding life is one of the toughest aspects of staying with the same lifelong partner, and a deteriorating sex life can add a lot of unhappiness and frustration into people’s daily lives. And let’s face it, people can get bored pretty quickly. This is a situation where partners need to take the time to communicate about those sort of things, but it can be difficult to find the time and the head space to talk about sex when managing a busy family life. Not to mention the fact that a busy house doesn’t give much room and privacy to have a bit of fun.

Cheating vs splitting up

Overtime, some people will build up enough frustration and resentment that their daily coupled life starts become a living nightmare which they feel they cannot escape. This can lead to the advent of the unfaithful husband who seeks other partners during his work travels, and also steer women towards becoming the bored cheating house wife. Cheating does feel like a morally right thing to do, but maybe it could be a necessity for some to re-balance their happiness. Splitting up from a long-term relationship can be far more damaging for some families than the occasional discreet fling. As with everything in life, it really depends how people do things. If there is little maliciousness and if people are discreet, maybe having an affair can ease a bit of pressure from their shoulders, making their family life more pleasant and easier to manage.

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