The Art of Sext


Being a pervert is something that many folks I know chalk up to being delightfully tacky, like Hooters. It's either that, or we think a pervert is someone who watches way too much porn and probably whacks off way too much. At least this is what has been relayed to me in not so many words in recent weeks. There's good and bad with all things and being a … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Get out of the Online Message Inbox


This tip will be a quick one today. If you're online dating you've no doubt met some women online, sent messages back and forth either through the service you're using or through some other means, such as email, chat or text. Those methods are all fine, especially in the age of fast-paced, tech-driven romance. However, as with all things, there can be too … [Read more...]

Think Before You Send… An Insomnia Club Joint

Everyone can bully from the comfort of their phone's key pads... Amazing

Today’s afterschool special-esque post is brought to you by the Insomnia Club. I know what sexting is. It’s an irritating verb we apply to inappropriate texts, typically of the sexual variety, sent to someone else. Some of you may know of the story of a thirteen year old girl who sent racy photos of herself to her boyfriend, only to have him pass it along… … [Read more...]

Ask the Urban Dater: The Neighbor John Syndrome

It's time, once again for an edition of "Ask the Urban Dater." Today, fortunately, we don't have to deal with a question about why a guy is fascinated with girl and girl midget fireman hentai porn. This is a very good thing and I'm so very relieved that we can skirt that type of question. Today's question is brought to us by the lovely Buffy, the Urethra … [Read more...]

Clicking for Love Documentary Interview. Part 1

Recently I had the great honor of watching the film: 'Clicking for Love,' a new documentary by Pablo Pappano. The film itself is very interesting in that it really gets deep down inside the methods and mentality of people who engage in online dating. I know why I dated so much online, when I was single; however, seeing why other people took to the internet … [Read more...]