The Urban Dater Interviews Cupidtino. Dating for Mac Lovers.

Do you need more dating technology in your life? At the Urban Dater we're ever vigilent to bring you, our readers, the latest breaking news in dating tech. Perhaps you'll recall the time I used GPS to meet up with a date, only to run into my arch nemesis Sandra Bernhard... Anyway, we're not going to talk about that particularly traumatic experience! Today, … [Read more...]


I'd like to thank everyone for supporting the Urban Dater. Obviously, we do it for y'all. However, I'm gonna have to be a little selfish here. You see, I'm kind of dedicating this post to my best girl; my partner in crime. So you may want to hit your back button or get a back to vomit into. I promise to keep this short and sweet. I went on a grueling hike … [Read more...]

Formspring Question-Palooza Roundup

We here, at the Urban Dater, like to experiment. Sometimes we have sex with inanimate objects, or put our genitalia in electronic outlets and toggle the power switch (that sounds like a fun lil' euphimism). Actually, I can only speak for myself. I'm pretty sure Miss TaylorCast does none of those things, as a normal and fully functional member of society. The … [Read more...]