We’re Live Tweeting 50 Shades of Grey… Drunk! Aw Yisss!

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Our fearless Managing Editor, Betty Mars, is Live Tweeting #50ShadesOfGrey right this very moment! Hopefully theater staff don't make moves to shut her down and let's also hope that no lady-boners are harmed during the live tweeting of this film! So join in the fun! Twitter Stream #50shadesofgrey Tweets … [Read more...]

EXIT only – No Admittance, No Anal

Anal Sex

Over the years I have encountered several men that have expressed an interest and desire in anal sex.  Admittedly, I of course don't see the interest.  I have read articles that say that it is supposed to be an amazing orgasm for women, but who really wrote those articles? I want to read the reverse side of women that have experienced it and weren't so … [Read more...]

Losing my Tinder Date Virginity

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If I'm on a date, and I go to the bathroom to have a mental freakout, ten times out of ten, it's going pretty badly -- on the exception that the guy is so ridiculously good looking I need to pep talk myself into being a cool and collected human being. My date with Blayne was not an exception. Admittedly it was not going that badly. I was actually … [Read more...]

My First Threesome

My FIrst Threesome

It was almost 10pm. I was in my skivvies, watching something on Netflix, eating pickles from a jar and scratching my crotch. I know, it's hot. Right? I get a call. It's from a gal that I'm seeing, Julie. She asks me what I'm up to, I tell her that I'm just working on some projects, trying to solve the world's problems and generally being a badass. She cuts … [Read more...]

Passport to Love: Travel and Dating

London Escorts

Ask almost anyone whether you should travel while you’re young, single, and unencumbered by huge responsibilities and you’ll likely get a resounding “Yes!” Your grandmother’s loudly voiced concerns about your financial future notwithstanding, most people are incredibly supportive of the idea of travel especially when you’re in your twenties or thirties and … [Read more...]