Are You Planning The Right Dates This October?


Are you tired of being a walking cliché, taking date after date out for dinner, and wasting your hard earned money?  Or perhaps you are just tired of meeting up for drinks, and running the same old meet and greet routine. If you are ready to switch things up a bit, October is just the occasion to do so.  This month provides a wide variety of activities … [Read more...]

Things Men Notice about Women on a First Date


In order to gain a proper understanding about the things men notice about women, one has to first accept the fact that ever since a few decades, there has been a rapid shift of roles and responsibilities. It so happens that the women of the present generation are far more independent than their forerunners and there has been a great evolution amongst the … [Read more...]

Does Age Really Matter When Looking To Date Someone

does age matter

Dating and online relationships have attained new heights with the massive proliferation of online dating sites. With divorce rates on the high, we find more and more singles, both women and men over 50 years of age, feeling free to date with people over a wide age range. The question remains whether or not it is okay to hook up with someone who is a decade … [Read more...]

Keep a Relationship Thrilling and Exciting

relationship spark

Relationships are the most important things that are essential and significant to everybody. Unless they are treated and nourished carefully, you cannot be sure of how long-lasting they can be. In order to keep it exciting and sensational, here are some tips to ensure the longevity of a relationship: Stay Intelligent and Sensible Being beautiful and … [Read more...]

How to Stop Chasing and Start Dating Women

Stop Chasing and Start Dating Women

When it comes to chasing women, men seems to be pros at it and looks like some enjoy chasing forever without putting an end to it because the chase never ended up successfully or rather decently. This is the problem with most men, they think they make women feel they’re crazy after them and hence start the chasing game, but when the right time comes where … [Read more...]