A Farmer’s Life, A Farmer’s Wife: Finding Love While Working the Fields

Being single and trying to find love is a challenge even in the city where there are normally plenty of opportunities for socialising, but in rural areas where farming is the main activity, you have to work even harder or at least smarter, in order to find your perfect partner.

Think positively

It could be very easy to adopt an insular or maybe even defeatist attitude about your chances of finding love simply because you are in a rural area and there are perceived to be slim pickings when it comes to finding a suitor. The only way you are going to succeed in finding your love match is to take a positive attitude and always maintain an upbeat and optimistic outlook. Telling yourself that you can and will meet the right person sooner or later will translate itself into a positive persona which will instantly make you more attractive when you are attending a dating event.

Make use of the internet

The internet has transformed our lives in many ways and it has certainly made it easier to meet up with people and communicate, and this is particularly true when it comes to networking with like minded people in rural areas. You can control how much or little you use the internet when dating but having conversations using services like Skype and chatting to people using chat rooms set up for singles is a good way of getting to know someone initially and makes you feel much more connected when social opportunities are limited in your local area.

Always say yes

Living in a rural area can give you a sense of isolation and if someone is organising a dating event in the next village, it can be easy to think that you will give it a miss. Even if you have had a hard day working the field, you need to motivate yourself  to try and always say yes when you are invited to any sort of social event where you may have a chance of meeting a potential partner. Some nights will be better than others, but at least if you try to say yes to every social invite, you are greatly increasing your chances of finding a partner.

In each other’s pockets

One of the aspects of rural life that people from the city struggle to comprehend is that rural communities can almost be like one big extended family and everyone seems to know about each other within a certain radius. When you are playing the dating game you need to remember to be respectful to others and consider your reputation as well. As you can seem to live in each other pockets from a social point of view it is best to make sure that you do not burn too may bridges or create a local reputation that could work against you in your quest for love. It is always advisable to be respectful and gracious to a person that you have dated, even if it did not work out for you or go very well.

You work hard in your life as a farmer and you often need to work hard at finding a potential wife, but the ultimate reward is that you certainly can find love whilst working the fields.

Bill Nixon is a dating consultant that enjoys sharing her expertise through blogging. Her articles appear on a myriad of relationship blogs. Visit the farmer wants a wife link for more details.

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