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Confessions of a Jerk: Telling Someone I Was Dead.

I had this friend I met in college.  Super sweet girl and super nice.  She had a huge crush on me and wanted to hang out all the time and she would call me.  All the time.  I was ready...

/ November 27, 2009

Escaping a Bad Date

Online dating is very similar to a blind date. No matter if you have emailed and talked over the phone, there is no match for meeting someone in person. People can misrepresent themselves through email and even over the phone....

/ November 18, 2009

Is That the Smell of Defeat or Week Old Undergarments? Ew.

Hopefully you've never been in the position to ask your date/mate “What is that acrid stench?”  aka “What stinks???”  I really hope that you haven't been the answer to that question either.  I was reminded the other day of a...

/ November 4, 2009