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Fingers Crossed

Women’s White Lies: What She’s Really Saying on Date

Women fascinate me. Or more accurately, the way women communicate fascinates me. It's a mystery to all men. It's such a mystery that if I were to resign indefinitely from trying to decode women-speak, absolutely no one would blame me....

/ October 16, 2012

Communication Breakdown

“Yeah I called her up. She gave me a bunch of crap about me not listening to her, or something. I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention.” –Harry Dunne, Dumb & Dumber One of the most curious societal glues...

/ April 21, 2010

Ask the Urban Dater: Why is Your Ex Calling/Texting You?

Today we have a new ‘Ask the Urban Dater' question from @majortwitts: I need your point of view: My ex sent a “hi hope U R OK” msg this morning. This after +5years of no contact whatsoever. My reply:” fine...

/ April 12, 2010

How Soon is Too Soon to Have the Talk?

“What talk?” You ask.  There's a lot of talking a couple has to do before they even get to the serious phase a relationship, let alone marriage.  This is something that's been getting thrown around within the social media circles...

/ February 18, 2010

Ask the Urban Dater: How Do I Have the STD Talk With My Partner?

Welcome to another edition of “Ask the Urban Dater.”  This week's question comes from a lady with some great New Year Resolutions, Ms. JoobieBeans.  She asks, “Hello, the Urban Dater, how do you have the STD conversation with someone that...

/ February 10, 2010

Relationships; So Easy a Caveman Can Do It! Part 1

That's right, I said it!  I think good relationships are easy, it's the bad ones that are crappy and otherwise confusing.  Sure, you guys are probably thinking, “Um, dude, you're an idiot,” and, sure, you'd be right, but stick with...

/ January 13, 2010