Turning Into An Old Married Couple Before It’s Your Time

old couples
old couples

Almost every couple knows how it goes. The first few months of a new relationship are filled with passion, fiery lovemaking, up all night intimate conversations, and expressions of lifetime devotion. The lovers go out to their favourite nightspots together, dance the evening away, and have a great time with their friends as a couple. Then something happens, and a curious turn of events takes place.

A new couple may be old or young in age, but after the initial excitement dies down, they undergo a metamorphosis. They change into 2 people who have the characteristics of an old married couple: things get routine and somewhat stale, they put on their pajamas and go to bed early, they develop a pattern of favourite TV show watching, and their friends start to wonder what happened. This change has its good side and its bad side, and it's up to the couple to decide what's right for them.

The Advantages Of Being An Old Married Couple Before Your Time

The good side is that this kind of thing is completely normal and natural and happens to everyone. The initial high of being young or new lovers simply can't last forever, because you get to know each other, and with that familiarity comes a sense of being comfortable. A couple starts wanting to spend more time at home together because they love each other, and feel safe and comfy in their surroundings. They develop a routine as a couple, and their former single habits fall by the wayside. Their bond gets tighter as a result of turning into an old married couple prematurely, but it does have its drawbacks.

The Disadvantages Of Being An Old Married Couple Before Your Time

Routine is just that – routine and boring, and it can take a toll on a couple before they realize what's going on. Each person starts to let friendships slide, and to feel that a social life just isn't necessary. the problem is one of balance – it really takes an approach that keeps the routine aspects of the relationship intact while recognizing the importance of maintaining friends and outside relationships.

It's also vitally important for a couple to strengthen their intimacy, to feel a sense of comfort, to be able to rely on the significant other to meet their needs and provide some stability and security. A couple can schedule their time in an informal way so that each knows what block of spare time will be spent together, and when they should take the time to be with friends and have a social life.

If being bored and comfortable seems like a problem to you or your mate, then you have to deal with the situation. Maybe your scheduled out of the house time should be increased. Maybe you both should see your own friends and have social interactions separately. Communication as always is the key to a healthy relationship, and you simply must talk about your feelings, expectations, and behaviors and learn how to deal with the issues together. Once you both decide what's best for you and reach a state of balance, you can be the perfect couple: able to be just like an old married couple when the time is right, and like a new pair of excited lovers when the need is apparent. Striking that happy medium will ensure that you both live happily ever after.

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Grace Pamer is the author of Romance Never Dies, a blog which offers advice on how to put together the best marriage proposal ideas possible.

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  1. This is so true, very important to keep things interesting as you grow and change. Do you think allowing yourselves to become an “old couple” long before you would have liked means things aren’t going to work out?

      1.  @emilylloyd What is an old couple to you? I know older couples and they’re great. Perhaps they don’t do all the cool and fun stuff they used to do, but I think it has to do with being interested and just trying. You know? When you stop trying to have fun and be lively that’s when things go down the toilet… Regardless of age.

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