The Breakup Jerk

Because he's feeling like a jerk, Yannibmbr wanted me to tell about my “jerk” moment of breaking up.

In my defense, I was young and this was the first guy I'd ever slept with.

We'd been dating long distance for two months before he flew his unemployed ass out to meet me. We spent that night in a hotel room and had wonderful sex. Yes, I lost my virginity in a hotel room. A nice clean hotel room. So there!

The rest of the weekend was sneaking in sex in between staying with my parents. I was a broke college student living with my folks at the time. So yeah, he was tortured with meeting my family.

I really wanted to be in love, and convinced myself that I was.

Two months later, I was to fly out to see him for Christmas. I'd had gnawing thoughts that this relationship wasn't going to work long term, but I ignored it. I didn't have money for the ticket, so I convinced him to pay for it and I'd pay him back.

I arrive after spending 5 hours on a plane. My first plane flight ever. I was not in a good mood. Bitch would probably have suited me well at that point. He wanted to hug and snuggle, and I wanted a cool drink and shower.

I eventually relaxed.

The next morning, he wakes me as he heads off to his temp-job. He has a ring box in his hand. He opens it and its a yellow gold diamond eternity band. Its pretty and looks expensive. He says its a promise ring, and is all excited about giving it to me.

I however am flipping the shit out. He's relatively unemployed. He bought my ticket. He is now presenting me with expensive jewelry.. diamonds..

Alarm bells went off in my head. I started to question his ability to be responsible with money. Let alone the whole freaking waking me up in the morning and being cheery (seriously thats a good way to get hurt).

It didn't get better.

The next day I had a chance to talk to his roommate (which btw I totally fell in love with, awesome guy) who told me that my ex didn't have much financial sense. His mother and father were loaded and financially gave him whatever he wanted. Great!

A couple days later, we go out with his friends. We're heading to a bar, and since my ID is out of state the bouncer thinks its fake and calls the cops. The entire party goes inside and leaves me out there alone. (My ex stays inside oblivious) Even though I know my ID is real, I had never ever had any kind of run-in with the cops before. I was a little scared. The cop came and called it in, while asking me inane questions about my home state Nebraska.

They finally let me in and I found my ex happily cavorting with his friends. To say I was steamed was putting things mildly, but since we were out with friends, I put a smile on.

Things just spiraled downhill from there.

My family's Christmas is cheap btw. No one spends a whole lot of money on anyone. It's flaunting your riches if you do.

So when I went to his family's Christmas and he brought out the $400 watch he'd bought me, the $50 leather wallet, and a bunch of other trinkets… I kinda threw a fit. (Lets just forget that the watch looked like something my mother would wear) His parents bought me normal things (hats, mittens, etc).. thank God.

He insisted that I keep the watch. I insisted that it be returned. We compromised. He said he'd take me to the store to look and see if there was some other watch I'd rather have. I humored him. I wasn't going to pick out that expensive of a watch. period.

I'm a bit of a klutz.. or at least I was back then.. that $400 watch would have been demolished in a matter of weeks.

We ended up returning the watch, walking next door and buying a $20 fashion watch.

Like a chicken, I waited until I got home to break up with him. I did it in a phone call. I explained it wasn't working and that I didn't love him.

I kept the diamond ring, and I never paid for the plane ticket.

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  1. Uh huh. Because I feel like a jerk? Well, I did. This, is some straight up cold hearten breakup. Color me seven shades of impressed. I'm glad I'm not the only jerk on the block. =)

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