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How to Get Over Breakup Blues

Many of us have suffered a breakup at least once when we were in our teens. Falling in love is the easiest thing to do when one is young and carefree. It is also fashionable to be in a relationship,...

/ March 19, 2015

5 Reasons Not To Slow Fade Your New Relationship

“It's better to burn out than to fade away” Neil Young said it best. He was probably referring to Rock and Roll but he might as well have been talking about the heart. I've been spending a lot of time...

/ October 24, 2014
creative dumping

7 Corny & Creative Ways to Dump Someone

When it comes with dumping someone the ways are endless.  The problem comes with finding the best way. In the dating world there are, and will always be, break-ups. Whether you are online dating, or conventionally dating, you’ll probably experience...

/ September 14, 2013
Adult Breakups

How To Break Up Like a Grown-Up

Sadly (or in my case, happily), we are not in high school anymore. You can’t text-message break up. You can’t break up over email. You can’t simply avoid returning phone calls. Well, you CAN, but you really shouldn’t if you’re...

/ October 31, 2011

The Breakup Jerk

Because he's feeling like a jerk, Yannibmbr wanted me to tell about my “jerk” moment of breaking up. In my defense, I was young and this was the first guy I'd ever slept with. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us...

/ February 5, 2010