Surviving Engagement Season

3. Engaged people live in a different world.

This world is one in which they will argue in the middle of a crowded train on a Saturday afternoon about their gift registry at Crate and Barrel because the man thinks the couple needs to register for traditional place settings and the woman thinks, “Oh, we’re supposed to? Well I don’t want that!” Okay, so she doesn’t so much think it as yell it at full volume in front of a bunch of strangers—which is annoying at the time but useful later because you can picture this scene if you ever start feeling sad about not having a generic diamond on your finger.

4. Your ideas on wedding logistics should only be voiced when prompted.

Sure, you may think it’s a waste of time and dignity to have a photo shoot of the bridal party putting on their dresses. You may personally find an outdoor wedding to be a gamble with Mother Nature no mortal should attempt. But in case you've forgotten because your friend hasn’t mentioned her engagement in the past four minutes: it’s not your wedding, so it’s not your place to comment. If your friend is cool, she may ask for your opinion, but if she has her heart set on a giant conga line, you shut up and get out on the dance floor. It’s her party, and she can have a cash bar if she—actually, it is your duty as a single person to explain how utterly unacceptable a cash bar is.

5. You are genuinely happy for your friends.

It can be difficult to remember this when your weekly happy hour has been taken over by talk of venues, flowers, and guest lists, but it is true, and because you ultimately support your friends and this step they’re taking in her lives, you will remind yourself of that whenever it gets tough to see over the pile of DIY invitations you’ve agreed to help assemble for some reason.

6. Just because all of your friends are engaged, that doesn’t mean you are any less awesome.

Deep down, you know this. The fact that you’re attending four weddings this summer and spending almost $1000 to be a bridesmaid in one of them doesn’t make it any less likely that you will find your own husband one day. So relax. Try to enjoy the celebrations.

And hey, if you don’t ever find the guy? Console yourself by imagining he was on his way to find you when he got lost in a giant conga line at his friend’s wedding reception and was never heard from again.

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