Misrepresenting Yourself in an Online Dating Profile Can Lead to Dating Games

Lying about your dating profile
Lying about your dating profile

I’m positive if you go onto dating sites such as Zoosk, Plenty of Fish, Match.com and OkCupid they will all have a section for you to input your height. It will also ask you to input the height you desire in a mate. Height seems to be very important to many people when choosing a partner. This can lead to people fudging their height. When people do that they are starting a potential relationship with dating games.

Mike and I share some of our experiences with people misrepresenting themselves in online dating profiles. Before we share our stories, we will give a little bit of background on our personal height preferences.

Tall Men Short Men

Mike: The only time I dated a girl my height (I’m 6’5”) was when I was a freshman in college. She was about 6’3” tall, chocolate and beautiful. We only went on 2 dates. There just wasn’t much interest. I knew at that time I didn’t want to date tall women. I know tall women are beautiful and there’s a very good chance my 2 daughters will be tall (they’re already tall for their age). Does that make me closed-minded? I don’t think so because despite my earlier preference I still dated a few tall women after my divorce.

LuBella: I personally have been interested and dated both tall and short men. I do find myself being physically attracted to very tall men. Am I closed-minded? No because I stated I’ve dated both. Being open to variety can’t hurt you. I’ve had men approach me that I wasn’t overtly excited about for a number of reasons. But their personality, politeness or something that they said or did made me give them a chance. My ex-husband was 5’9” so I’m aware that good men come in all sizes.

Mike: I have experienced a few dating games where the woman misrepresented her height. Most of these women tend to be very generous on how tall they were when filling out their online profile. I believe they took their height when they were in their Jimmy Choo’s. I thought it was cute.. usually gave them somewhat of a hard time and told them to embrace her God-given height ☺.

LuBella: When someone starts playing dating games I can’t help but ask, “So what else have they lied about?” I make a very special effort to take what a person of interest tells me at face value. I really don’t understand how someone can blatantly lie in their online profile. Especially when it comes to photos. Do they think the person will be ok that they are 50 lbs heavier than their pictures? I’ve been told by a lot of men that women will post pictures that don’t represent their present weight. If you don’t want someone lying and playing dating games with you then you have to practice what you preach.

Mike & LuBella: It seems like men are sensitive about their height and women are sensitive about their height and weight. Regardless of your sensitivities be forthright. Particularly when it comes to online dating you should upload current pictures. Please don’t entertain the thought of a picture-less profile. Not uploading pictures just makes the initial date more stressful. On top of the encounter being more tense you risk disappointing your date. Let’s see if Mike was happy or disappointed in a mock initial Meet & Greet in the video below.
Mike & LuBella: An online profile is simply incomplete without pictures. Pictures are just as important as the content. If you’re really serious about finding love, represent the true and CURRENT you in your profiles (pictures, content, etc) and in person.

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Hey there! We (Mike & LuBella) started this blog to address the many dating games that take place on and off line. We met on Plenty of Fish and have experienced many relationships, some good and others not so good. We don’t profess to know everything about dating games but we believe we know almost every dating game. Besides having experience with dating online, we have experience dating after a divorce, dating with children and last but not least dating people who play games.

Our purpose with creating this site isn’t to encourage dating games but rather share our experiences with dating games. We hope that you learn from our past mistakes and find a healthy fulfilling relationship. The quicker you can detect dating games the quicker you can move on and find a serious and fulfilling relationship.

Thanks so much for visiting our blog.  Come back soon!


Mike & LuBella

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