Attention insecure married women or women in relationships! I’m so sorry.

I’m sorry your man has made you feel like every single woman is a threat! I’m sorry on behalf of single women that some women don't care that men are in marriages and in committed relationships, they do not speak for all of us. I’m sorry that another woman’s clothing choices have your man staring at her. I’m sorry that you project your unstable relationship on to other women. Most of all, I’m sorry that you are with a horrible person, you deserve better girl!

Furthermore, it is not my fault that you are insecure. It is not my fault that you assume all single women are threats. It's not my fault that some women don't value marriages or relationships. It's not my fault that your man stares at my ass or breasts in a sexy dress; I did not wear this for him. AND it's not my fault that you probably deserve better so don't project your insecurities on me!

I discovered that my sister's friend Janet is one of these insecure women. At a birthday dinner, I discovered Miguel (Janet’s husband) is a flirty person. The only reason I never noticed the flirting in the past was because there was never a one-on-one interaction.

At this dinner every single time he would try and hold a conversation with me, Janet would literally drop whatever it was she was doing at the time to include herself in our discussions, OR if she was in an active conversation herself she would pretend she wasn't trying to eavesdrop. This went on all night and began to make me uncomfortable. I started to dodge him, and I was counting down the minutes till this night was over! Because of her insecurity, I couldn't enjoy my night. Our conversations were not memorable and the least bit inappropriate but I could see it all night she was trying to “figure me out”. I'm not part of my sister’s friend circle, and there are other friends in her circle who are single but I honestly think she has them “figured out” and therefore deemed non-threatening.

I think subconsciously I have always felt that hint of judgment coincided with the judgemental stares that insecure non-single women gave me. You know that “bitch he’s MY MAN” stare. Their stares are always met with my “girl! NO ONE WANTS YOUR MAN” glare. If you are the lucky women who have an amazing significant other that makes you feel loved and secure, kudos girl! You deserve it! If you are one of the insecure women described above or feel upset by these words, then it's time to reevaluate your situation, stop living your life always at war with other women, and please stop trying to “figure us out” it's gotta be exhausting! Newsflash to all of the insecure women stuck in marriages and in committed relationships, I’m sorry that you are going through your situation but as Jordyn Woods once said: “I don't need your situation.”

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I'm Lisa I’d love to share some of my experiences with you as a 34 year old millennial navigating through this expensive life. Being single, and being a working mother, living in Los Angeles has taken me on a rollercoaster, and I want to share the different ways you can explore the L.A. area without breaking the bank. I can only hope my experiences will help someone in a small way, even if it’s just for shits and giggles.

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