5 Signs She May Not Be The One


Is she the one? If so, what makes her so special? In the beginning of every relationship there are signs you should be consciously aware of. We have been conditioned to believe relationships are based on spontaneity, luck and uncontrollable circumstances with emotions.

Understanding and effectively dealing with women is somewhat like a sport. Today, I’m going to share with you five signs she may not be the one.

  1. Do you act natural around her? Can you be yourself? Are you walking around on egg shells? You should value your own unique styles and trends. You should never have to conform to anyone’s beliefs and habits to be apart of their life.

  2. How’s your sex life? Sex isn’t everything in a relationship. However, an active sex life is a key component for any successful relationship. If you don’t have an active sex life in a relationship that’s a red flag.

  3. Does she send mixed signals? Do you know where you stand in the relationship? Do you know her value? In the beginning of a relationship there will be a feeling out process. Don’t let her continue to keep you guessing about her intentions.

  4. Is your relationship complicated? If she’s aggravating you, seriously consider moving on. Does she go through your email, phone, and car? In a relationship boundaries have to be established between each other.

  5. What’s your friend’s opinion? A friend’s opinion provides a perspective you can’t see. And your friends should be able to come around you without any drama.

There you have it, the five signs she may not be the one. In the end, you have to determine what works best for you. I truly believe this message can help save MILLIONS of people from getting into a bad situation.

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Lopaze Lasane (a.k.a “Mr. Sharp Game”), is a dynamic consultant and a writer who is dedicated to helping men become more attractive to women. After traveling and meeting women for over a decade worldwide he decided to pursue his life passion by writing “A Chicken’s Guide to Having Women Beg for You: Sex, Lust And Lies.”

This book is the master key to unlocking the person you were born to be and attracting women on your own terms. It reveals the science of how to find, meet, and attract women on a practical level. For more dating and relationship advice made easy visit http://interracialsinglesmeetup.com/blog

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