Danger With a… Stranger?

strangers have the best candy
strangers have the best candy

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It’s been said that strangers have the best candy…

There’s some truth in that phrase. There’s something exciting and dirty about picking up on a person at the bar. Not that I make it a frequent practice, especially since I’m spoken for and my girlfriend would kick my ass…

Speaking of my gal, we have a little bit of an activity that we like to engage in from time to time. If you guessed “sex” then give yourself a high-five, but don’t be too proud because that’s not exactly what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a little bit of…


The role-playing we do isn’t necessarily the type where I put on my Pokémon outfit and she puts on our Slave girl Princess Leia outfit and just get it on. What we do is show up at a bar and treat each other as strangers…

That’s Vanilla to you? Maybe, but it isn’t vanilla to my gal and I.

You see, we’re able to play up an experience we both find exciting and exceptional: The One Night Stand! So what do we do? It’s ridiculously simple, although it does require some imagination and remembering some good ol’ fashioned flirting skills – the sort you might have used when you were single.

We pick a local watering hole and show up at different times. It’s best if we’re not together at our place before we go to the bar, because it helps us get mentally “prepped.” Then, it all goes down a little like this…

"sexy dominatrix"
Who wouldn't want to meet a ‘stranger' who looks like this?

One of us shows up to the chosen venue, soon followed by the other person. I’ll spot my gal at the bar, but she’s not my gal, you see. I’ll give her a good once over while she’s sitting there, sipping on a drink. Then I make eye contact with her and we exchange a few glances. And if we get lucky, other men start hitting on her, I know we’re guaranteed a real good time that night. (FYI: I’ll admit, when we first started playing this game, seeing men hit on my woman kind of pissed me off. But as I soon discovered it always made for way hotter sex later on, I got over it.)

So a guy might talk to her, flirt with her and she’ll flirt back. This sometimes gets her a couple of free drinks. After watching the action for a bit, I eventually wander over to her, or maybe I send her a drink. Then I position myself right next to her and strike up a conversation. Of course, we switch up the details as needed. My girlfriend is a school teacher; however, since we began role-playing she’s taken up a few different jobs. So far, among other things, she’s been a librarian, dominatrix, parking attendant and Hot Dog on a Stick Girl. The idea is to keep things fresh…obviously

The flirting and seduction aspect of the chase was always the thing I enjoyed most when courting a new lady. Sure, I know my girlfriend, but playing like I don’t makes it a fun challenge to flirt with and engage her in new ways. A few drinks later, some innuendos get tossed around, a bit of touching happens and then it’s on. Maybe we make it back to our place for some steamy lovin’. Or maybe we don’t. There have been times when we’ve taken the action to the car and even a seedy no-tell motel. It’s always fun and always, always dirty.

Needless to say, a little dirt and some imagination can make for some good times and…


One of the more unfortunate side effects of choosing a seedy motel that’s just a little too seedy.

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