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Joe Elvin is a dating/relationships blogger based in London. His book 'The Thrill Of The Chase', which explains how to truly thrive in singledom, was published in 2017. Download the first chapter for free at

High-Quality Men Don’t Fall in Love. They Jump In

A stereotypical male probably loves his family, his room-mates and his local football team all in different ways. Yet, when it comes to loving a significant other, there are two main types – and the one you should aim for is...

/ July 18, 2015

The Science Of Why We’re Scared To Speak To Gorgeous Women

Sometimes, the world is a scary place. There are plenty of things that it's perfectly acceptable to be terrified of. We can easily explain why we're afraid of violence, heights, wild animals – it's the danger associated with them. Even...

/ July 8, 2015

4 Steps to Make Women Obsess Over You Like a Movie Star

It may still be traditional for the man to make the first move and court his fair princess. It might be ballsy, brave and attractive to be able to approach a hot chick and chat her up. Nevertheless, getting a...

/ June 9, 2015

How to Make a Woman Chase You – 4 Simple steps

It may be traditional for the man to make the first move, but getting a girl to chase remains an essential step in any courtship. Women love the thrill of the chase just as much as men. This is especially...

/ May 12, 2015

How to be the Coolest Guy at the Nightclub

The nightclub is a strange place when it comes to social value. Once you step inside, traditional rules of social status are stuffed in the most superficial cocktail shaker, spun around and spilled completely upside down. Sexy people now top...

/ May 5, 2015

Why You Should Immediately Approach the Hottest Girl at the Bar

Why should you immediately approach the hottest girl at the bar? It sounds like a silly question. All single men reading this will tell themselves they'd do it. But so few actually do – because of the fear. The hottest...

/ April 14, 2015

5 universal truths to tell yourself after a horrific break-up

  Break-ups can be rough. In fact, some scientific studies suggest they cause actual pain to the human body. A 2014 experiment suggested that thinking of our exes triggers activity in the same area of our brain that registers physical...

/ April 2, 2015
how to create a sensational relationship

How to Keep Your Relationship from Going Stale

When first courting a love interest, we are so keen to present the best version of ourselves to a potential partner. We’re clean, we're shaven, and we smell fantastic. We’re funny–even charming! We make the effort to go out, visit...

/ March 5, 2015