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B*tches Be Crazy

Hey remember our guest writer, Franklin Slocombe? He's back with a new tale about an obsessive woman. Ladies, don't be this girl. Taylor Cast As you might have guessed since my last post, my personal life since the young lady...

/ September 5, 2011

How Not to Get to First Base.

So much is made of dates and getting to first base or second base or even hitting a “home run.”  If I have to explain what any of that means, we have a longer discussion ahead of us.  Anyway, a...

/ December 22, 2009

Confessions of a Jerk: Telling Someone I Was Dead.

I had this friend I met in college.  Super sweet girl and super nice.  She had a huge crush on me and wanted to hang out all the time and she would call me.  All the time.  I was ready...

/ November 27, 2009