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Picture Perfect: Your Online Profile Needs

In the days of dating yore, what you saw was what you got. A cute girl at the grocery store? A stunning guy in line at the coffee shop? Once you mustered up the gumption to ask that attractive individual...

/ May 8, 2013

Five Ways To Make A Good, Lasting First Impression

The only thing worse than making a bad first impression is making a bad first impression because you’re trying not to make a bad first impression. Maybe it sounds like a joke your uncle told, but it’s not; it’s a...

/ April 15, 2013
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Size Queen: Am I Worthy of Love?

Sometimes we sit and stare at our phone screens, obsessively waiting for replies from people who seemed into us, but aren’t texting back. You may be wondering, “Am I worthy of love Wait. I talked about this already, didn’t I?...

/ January 26, 2013

How Confidence Leads to Attraction

There is a popular saying in the dating community: “You can't help who you are attracted to”. This means you can have a type or perception of what you like but attraction is much deeper. Attraction starts from the inside...

/ December 27, 2012
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How to Attract Lasting Love

The most important relationship is the one between you and you. As a Love Coach, I often see singles looking outside of themselves to get the Love, attention, compassion, acceptance, and understanding they desire. They believe if they could just...

/ August 30, 2012

Of Hippie Gals & Women Who Mean Business

I had hurried across the street to Starbucks so that I could steal up a seat before the rush of coffee addicts attacked. Lucky for me, I’d secured my place with plenty of time to spare! It always starts slow;...

/ August 5, 2010

What Attracts and Repels Me?

Any woman who has ever engaged in the ‘Soggy Biscuits' game for starters.  Disgusting!  I know what I like and when Kelly Seal asked, naively, if I would contribute,  so I did! The answers may shock you… Anyway, the lovely...

/ May 5, 2010