An Idiot’s Guide to Sending Flowers

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Flowers: they’re undeniably romantic, hugely impressive and every girl loves receiving them – but how do you pick out the perfect bouquet? Follow these top tips and you’ll be on the road to flower success in no time! On a first date If you want to make a good impression on a first date, then you certainly can’t go wrong with flowers. Men usually shy … [Read more...]

The Insider Trading Secrets for Online Dating


Many people feel that online dating adds a lot of extra work to their already-hectic lives. Let me save you the years of trial and error. Internet dating can be a breeze and fun if you have the right skill set. Think about it, in reality you can save time. You can pre-date right in the comfort of your own home in your pj’s. No going out with a guy only to … [Read more...]

The Do’s and Don’ts of a First Date


So you snagged a date with your dream girl. How are you going to make this the date of her dreams? Here’s a list of 10 things that will help you out tremendously on your first date. 1. Have a reservation. Choose a general restaurant. Or better yet, ask her what she likes to eat. Don’t take her to Angus barn if she doesn’t eat beef or a seafood spot when … [Read more...]

Texts And Sensibility


Love it or hate it, texting has a big role in everyday communications. Perhaps you are someone who does not like texting. As far as your friends go, over a time, they have become used to your communication style. They understand that you are not a big ‘texter’. Therefore, when it takes you ages to respond to a text, or the fact that you never actively text … [Read more...]