The First Step to Non-Monogamy


I slapped on some lipstick, a cleavage-baring knit dress, and a pair of high heels for the first date I’ve embarked on in over two and a half years. And no, it’s not because I’m single. As I showed up to a dark, but stylish dive on the edge of Skid Row, butterflies were fluttering away in my stomach; dating is a skill, and it would be an … [Read more...]

Love Quiz: Is He In Love With You?

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  One of the most enjoyable phases of a budding relationship is the “Dating” part. It could be a lot of fun because men tend to put their best foot forward. The goal is to win a woman’s love. But, the dating part can also be a guessing game. You cannot really tell if he is just wooing you for fun, or plain flirting or it is really something … [Read more...]

Ten Benefits Of Being A Single Man

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People often relate being single with being alone. However, these are two totally different states of existence. Here are 10 perks of being single that will remove that association:   1. Fit and Trim Research shows that most people who are in a happy and contented relationship gain weight. The percentage gets higher for people who are married. Men tend … [Read more...]

The Bad Profile Pictures on Tinder

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If you’ve been separated from modern society the past few months, Tinder is a new app from the creators of Grindr, a famous hookup app for members of the LGBTQ community.  You can swipe through mini-profiles of people in your area.  Swipe right and a green “LIKE” stamps the displayed profile.  Swipe left and a red “NOPE” stamps the displayed profile. You can … [Read more...]

Choking a First Date in Front of Yogurtland…


I don't know what's gotten into me this past month...Clearly I should stop dating. Clearly. But I won't. So what the hell? I don't know; I'm in a weird place. During the last couple of dates I've been on I've not been as reserved or as polite as I generally tend to be. How so? Instead of telling you directly, I'll just tell you about this date. Okay? … [Read more...]