How to Talk Dirty to Your Man

by Jason Devaun -

I've talked about talking dirty and how to go about it in the past. I haven't really covered how guys like dirty talk, too. It's not all that surprising. Men and women are, after all, sexual beings. The one thing I think a lot of folks, or at least some of the fellas I know, seem to think that dirty talk is a specific-use-case weapon, purely … [Read more...]

We’re Live Tweeting 50 Shades of Grey… Drunk! Aw Yisss!

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 6.04.00 PM

Our fearless Managing Editor, Betty Mars, is Live Tweeting #50ShadesOfGrey right this very moment! Hopefully theater staff don't make moves to shut her down and let's also hope that no lady-boners are harmed during the live tweeting of this film! So join in the fun! Twitter Stream #50shadesofgrey Tweets … [Read more...]

Ask the Urban Dater: The Job Seduction Edition


New Year and a new Ask the Urban Dater! Today's question comes from Hakuta Bronson, a quick-oil changing technician at Spiffy Lube. Hakuta asks: My question is if a guy meets you then later keep his distant...what is he doing? Is he analyzing what he wants? I fear this because once the guy needs time to usually goes down hill. Here goes … [Read more...]

My First Threesome

My FIrst Threesome

It was almost 10pm. I was in my skivvies, watching something on Netflix, eating pickles from a jar and scratching my crotch. I know, it's hot. Right? I get a call. It's from a gal that I'm seeing, Julie. She asks me what I'm up to, I tell her that I'm just working on some projects, trying to solve the world's problems and generally being a badass. She cuts … [Read more...]

Signs She’s The One

she's the one

It's extremely difficult to know whether you've found the person that will be there with you for the rest of your life. She's not a one time fling; she's not one of the questionable London escorts you found while backpacking through Europe right out of College. There are some signs she's the one that can help you determine if there's a deep connection and … [Read more...]