Ask the Urban Dater: Is the Grass Really Greener?

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My boyfriend's best friend just became single. He is embracing his new freedom by drinking, partying, & constantly talking smack about his ex. (who I think, she is completely reasonable in this whole situation) Now my boyfriend said every guy should be entitled to having "guy time" and talking about spending less time together. This has never been an … [Read more...]

How Your Insecurity is Sabotaging Your Relationships


Whether or not your voice it, it doesn't seem to matter. What is the "it" in this case? Insecurity. No matter how much someone tells you that you matter; that you're important, it doesn't matter when insecurity has taken hold of you. Insecurity does its fair share to decimate many a relationship and sometimes it's hard to know when it's happening, to see … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Adrenaline-Filled Date Ideas

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If you are looking to treat your new squeeze to a more action-filled date out then perhaps you should think about taking on something a little more adrenaline fuelled. The good old-fashioned staples of typical dating often find potential new loves coupling up in cinemas, meeting up for a drink or enjoying a meal together in a restaurant. But maybe you should … [Read more...]

Lazy Sunday Afternoon Date Ideas

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Lazy Sunday Afternoon: No Mind For You Or Your Partner To Worry Lazy Sunday Afternoon: No Mind For You Or Your Partner To Worry Sunday Morning. It’s perhaps the perfect morning of the week. Unless you’re suffering with a sore head and ringing ears from the excess whisky and live music from the night before. In which case, it’s bacon time. But if all is … [Read more...]