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Holiday Dating: Stranded in Clarksdale.

I went to Clarksdale, Mississippi to check out the music scene. I’ve traveled alone in the US and used dating apps to meet locals before, so I tried my luck there. I made plans with a match to come and...

/ January 10, 2019
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Why Nice People Suck

Nice is average, boring, nonthreatening, typical. Nice is never thinking seriously about masculinity, femininity, social norms or what that person want, really wants, out of a relationship. — A Concerned Female I could end this article right here. But I'm...

/ July 25, 2013

We Get it. You're a Nice Guy. Go Get Bent Already!

Perhaps you’re a nice guy. You don’t take advantage of a situation; you let your buddy get in there with the girl. Maybe you don’t take chances. Maybe you feel that you’re just a genuinely good guy, great even. Perhaps...

/ June 1, 2010