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The Kid Conundrum

A good friend of mine, F. Slocombe, & I met because of the Urban Dater. We have a lot in common in our views on dating & marriage & babies. Oh babies, the dreaded issue, an issue he & I...

/ April 5, 2011

The "What Do You Think About Kids Talk" and Other Fun Stuff!

There I was staring up at the ceiling and contemplating that I wasn't posting another super gooey and sweet post about being in love with my awesome girlfriend to piss Taylor off with (which is my secret pleasure by the...

/ December 8, 2010

Dating a Single Mother. Should You Do It?

The idea of dating a woman with a child can be pretty scary, if not horrifying to many a male. But it shouldn’t be.  You see, mothers are real people, too.  In many cases they are also women.  Crazy, isn’t...

/ April 9, 2009