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Blogger Event in Los Angeles

So it's not often that we, here at the Urban Dater, go on promoting events. The last time we did that, we had people snorting cocaine off of the asses of people dressed up like Big Bird, Ernie and Mr....

/ September 9, 2011
Building a great community is also a great responsiblity

It's Your Responsibility

“With great power, comes great responsibility.” – Uncle Ben (not the rice guy) to his nephew, Peter Parker aka Spiderman… It's about to get a little sappy and soppy at the Hangover Coffee Klatch. The above quote is corny and...

/ April 30, 2011
Startup, get ready, go!

Creating Buzz for Startup Dating Sites – Hangover Coffee Klatch

Welcome back to another hungover edition of the Coffee Klatch. I've been pondering a question recently. What do startup dating sites need to do to generate initial interest and traffic in their product or service? Recently, there have been no...

/ April 23, 2011