Six Apps to Help Strengthen Your Long Distance Relationship


Soon it will be Valentine’s Day, the holiday devoted to celebrating and affirming love. For many couples, this means candlelit dinners out, movies in, or romantic trips for two.  Couples in long-distance relationships, however, are not always as lucky. Sound familiar? If your significant other is across the state, country, or even ocean this Valentine’s … [Read more...]

Why Long-Distance Relationships Totally Kick Ass


I’ve never been good with ‘traditional’ relationships. There’s only so long that someone like me can hide his neurosis. I make a great first impression, but women tend to break up with me around the time they come home and find me naked on the couch watching Batman and dipping fried chicken in spaghettios. Naturally, for someone like me, long-distance … [Read more...]

Ask the Urban Dater: The Neighbor John Syndrome

It's time, once again for an edition of "Ask the Urban Dater." Today, fortunately, we don't have to deal with a question about why a guy is fascinated with girl and girl midget fireman hentai porn. This is a very good thing and I'm so very relieved that we can skirt that type of question. Today's question is brought to us by the lovely Buffy, the Urethra … [Read more...]