Social Dating. The Nail in the Online Dating Coffin?

social dating and online dating

Some time ago I had a discussion with a couple of friends of mine, both of whom are working on a pair of online dating startups. One of them was my good buddy, Duane and the other is a friend, named Ross Felix, of Dating Revolution. In speaking with each of them they both had some unique perspectives on how to go about making a online dating experience that … [Read more...]

When Did Dating Get So Complicated?

Complicated Relationships

If you're anything like me, in your 30's, single, and ready to settle down, you might find yourself wondering... When did dating get so complicated? Remember what it was like 10 years ago? You met someone, you got along, you found them attractive, and well...then you were a couple. Some of the complications have come with age. Look around at the dating pool … [Read more...]

The Promise of Online Dating

Well, here we are, all of us, together here on the internet. It’s cozy. Facebooking and picture sharing, business card creating, bill paying, car renting, net –flixing, job finding, stamp ordering, grocery shopping, appointment booking, recipe finding, generation SCREEN. We are on the internet for everything. Remember when it was just for research, when … [Read more...]

Dear Christina,

Christina Hendricks is my role model, so when I asked The Chicago Snob to guest post and this is what he sent me I was thrilled. Enjoy faithful readers! -Taylor Cast Way back on April 19, Esquire Magazine published a Letter to Men (read now, before continuing) from Christina Hendricks, then voted the best-looking woman in America, by women (see number 18). … [Read more...]