Men: Keep it Real

keep it real

It’s that time of year, again. When you review your online dating prospects and wonder why all of these people you would never want to meet (read: losers) are clogging up your inbox. So to help men out, I have listed some things that really frustrate women when reviewing profiles. Men, remember Dave Chapelle's when keepin it real goes wrong? If women only … [Read more...]

Here’s Two Words You Shouldn’t Use on Your Online Dating Profile: Crazy & Prozac


In reviewing some of the profiles through various dating sites, I found some interesting profiles. I have not altered a thing about these statements and think that words crazy or Prozac  should not appear in your profile. The reason I say this is because you are going to attract what you don’t want. I have ranked the profile statements based on what I … [Read more...]

Are You Lying to Yourself?

quit lying to yourself

We are looking for love & we’re trying online dating, public, singles events, etc. Yet, it’s all turning out the same way: not finding a good fit. So what do we do? Begin compensating for the lack of love in our lives. Some people compensate with a pet, others with their computer, ice cream, wine, etc. Do we recognize how we are compensating? Not all of … [Read more...]