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unhappy couple

Surprising Reasons Couples Stop Having Sex

It’s easy to have unreasonable expectations when it comes to sex. Between the media, the “sexperts” and the braggadocio of locker rooms, it’s tough not to get a skewed view.  Our desire to define “normal” leads us to seek out...

/ January 10, 2012
Are You Too Fat to be Fucking?

Too Fat to F*ck?

If the 2001 movie Shallow Hal taught us anything, it's not that inner beauty wins, it's that shitty movies are made and instead of learning a valuable life lesson, you end up losing forty bucks at the theater, in addition...

/ June 30, 2011
Mens sexual health

Men Sexual Health: How important is it really

Many experts in the field of improving male sexual health care and highlights the intense focus that is directed toward the size of a man's vessel. Most men want a bigger vessel and fuller, because a larger vessel gives great...

/ August 25, 2009