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Me and Serial Monogamy, Thanks Online Dating

My experience in serial monogamy and online dating They say love is one of the most complicated things in life that no one can decipher. Well, I think I can – love is just addition, nothing more. A chemical reaction...

/ December 3, 2019

10 Reasons Your Online Dating Profile is Failing You

You're pumped. Your profile is complete! You pluck your top five selfies from your phone (even though they’re all in the same bathroom mirror, but whatever, at least that ab pic is in there.) Check. You let the ladies know,...

/ July 15, 2014
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How Online Dating Plays Cupid Between Strangers

There used to be plenty of stigma attached to online dating, but current numbers don't lie: More people are now beginning to accept (and use!) online dating sites as a legitimate matchmaking tool. The Internet has made inroads into practically...

/ July 24, 2011

Sweating the Small Stuff. Is it Worth it?

Two days ago I skimmed my sweetie’s Facebook page.  His wall had the usual, the foursquare updates, the witty calls to action, the numerous unknown female postings…wait a second.  What was that last one? Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us...

/ March 15, 2010