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What does intimacy mean to you?

Today, we have a guest contribution from Norman Joshua, who can be found at justmealone.com. What does intimacy really mean What does intimacy involve How to build intimacy in a relationship What does intimacy mean to a man What does...

/ February 17, 2020

Intimacy, tech and LGB relationships

If history means that you’ve had to keep your love or attraction secret, intimacy between two people has been difficult to come by. Sometimes even dangerous. Today, we live much freer and even have hookup apps like Grindr and, while...

/ August 30, 2016

How to Wake Up Through Your Breakup

I used to be addicted to the love drug. My thoughts about relationships weren’t so much about how I could grow and contribute, but more about the comfort and security I could gain. After my last breakup I had a...

/ September 11, 2015

How to Stop Confusing Longing With Love

Have you ever ached with desire for someone you can’t have? Perhaps your married dentist? Or therapist? Or even a friend? You long to be in their company and to receive the simplest acknowledgement of how nice you look, how...

/ November 4, 2014

Phone Sex For Beginners

Have you ever tried phone sex? If so, what is the reason for doing it? To reconnect with an intimate partner with whom you maintain a long-distance relationship, or to try something new, exciting and intimate? Regardless of whether you...

/ April 13, 2013
Top 10 Halloween Movies

Halloween Hot Date Night. A Top 10 Scary Halloween Movie List

Halloween hot date night? My top ten scary movie picks. Forget waiting for kids to knock on your door demanding sweets. Halloween should be just another excuse for gettin’ cosy – preferably with a horror flick. I say this as...

/ October 28, 2012