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how honest is too honest

How Honest is Too Honest?

“You can have the love you need to live. But if you look for truthfulness. You might just as well be blind” – Billy “I don't take shit from anybody” Joel. The man knew what the hell he was talking about....

/ December 5, 2012
shocked in bed

The Woman Who Shocked Me in Bed

In contract to my previous piece, this one will be a good deal shorter. In my initial research for this blog challenge I'm doing, I hit up some fellow bloggers with Single Edition for some ideas for posts. One of...

/ December 2, 2012

Mother. There is No Other!

So, today's post is part of the 30 Day Blog Challenge I'm doing. Today's suggested topic comes from the lovely Melysa Schmitt, of Sex, Lies and Bacon fame. This post is long and is a doozy. So be prepared. I'm...

/ December 1, 2012
carpet bombing

Does Carpet Bombing Work?

Carpet bombing. It’s a military tactic used to describe the bombing of a large area of enemy held positions. Many birds, one stone, if you will. According to Urban Dictionary… carpet bomb 92 up, 26 down Texting every girl in your phonebook in...

/ November 30, 2012
the urge to be dumb

The Urge to be Dumb

I don’t know why I do the dumb things that I do. It’s not genetic. I can’t blame it one someone else. I’m just a dumb, dumb idiot; a true nincompoop, if ever there was one. Why? I’ll get to...

/ November 29, 2012
30 Day Blogging Challenge

Mulling a 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Yep, you heard right.  A 30 Day blogging challenge. Yep. I said it. This effing blog has been long stagnant with respect to content that erupts from my finger tips. It's true and I can admit it.You might have some...

/ November 27, 2012