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stir events and online dating Wants You to be Stirred, Not Shaken…

Let me start by saying that when I date online, I use OkCupid. It works for me and on the rarest and most pitiful of occasions I get pity laid out of it. (fist bumps fellow bro)… But that's old news. Let's...

/ May 14, 2013

Will You Support PressGram?

Update: This project has been funded! W0ot! Some of you who know me know that I'm a pretty huge WordPress nut. I attribute the growing success of this site to the very fact that, in 2009 I chose to move...

/ April 11, 2013
Google Glass on a date

Google Glass on a Date?

As many of you have heard/read Google is developing a new product that they're looking to launch toward the end of the year called Google Glass. With it there are a number of implications to consider.  Such as this video below:...

/ April 10, 2013
Crazy Blind Date

OkCupid’s Crazy Blind Date Service Makes a Comeback Today

Hmm. Maybe it was three or four years ago when my friend, Anolga, told me about this “Crazy Blind Date” website that she had gotten a couple dates from. I looked at it, saw what I could do on it...

/ January 15, 2013
Liquid Fare Dating Nightlife App

Liquid Fare Nightlife Mobile App Adds New Features for Daters and Maters

Free Bar Crowd-Rating iPhone and Android App Now Shows Gender Ratios, Check-In Volume New York, NY (October 18, 2011) – Liquid Fare, Inc., a New York-based mobile app development company, today announced the newest version of its flagship Liquid Fare...

/ October 18, 2011
Miss Abigail Featuring Joyce Dewitt

Joyce Dewitt in a New Play!!? Where Has She Been!!?

For a number of years two names have always had a warm place in my random-joke repertoire. Joyce DeWitt and Greg fucking Evagan. Those two names have caused people to raise and eyebrow and walk the other direction because, frankly, most...

/ June 8, 2011
A girlfriend for the cloud and social networks? A cloud girlfriend.

A Girlfriend Fit for Cloud Nine?

Oh, Mashable! How is it that anyone at all could hate you? Brenna Ehrlich over at the Mash dropped an interesting morsel for those that pay attention to the whole online dating biz. What’s it about? A new site and...

/ March 25, 2011