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Alex Spieth writes a Web Series called [Blank] My Life ( She frequently works with Tele-Violet and Irondale Ensemble. 2013 Grad of Carnegie Mellon University.


This entry describes a specific point in time when I went on a date from OkCupid after leaving the site due to a checkered past causing me to take a break. The Man: Okc.24 The Message: He messaged me, and I was...

/ July 23, 2015

Date Deferred

Recently, I was at a bar and I realized, People are looking TO GET WITH ME. Most of my life I’ve felt downtrodden (by no particular source), but the general feeling of not-skinny/built/groomed enough next to the sleek and braided...

/ June 16, 2015

The End of an Era

I'm feeling like the Mad Men Posters as I sit alone in my apartment drinking my third juice of the day. I am a juice monster at the end of the world. I sat under a sign which read “Columbia Commencement...

/ June 2, 2015