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Dating Mr. Unavailable is Unavoidable

Bridging the gap of unavailability This article was originally posted here: http://www.letters-to-oliver.com/ Unripe fruit is like unavailable love; it just isn’t good. -Angela Ah, unavailable love.  Wonka’s illustrious golden ticket to never ever-moving from emotional exchanges and passionate sex to...

/ January 5, 2016

Why Long-Distance Relationships Totally Kick Ass

I’ve never been good with ‘traditional’ relationships. There’s only so long that someone like me can hide his neurosis. I make a great first impression, but women tend to break up with me around the time they come home and...

/ August 28, 2013
romantic comedies killed the relationship

Romantic Comedies Killed the Relationship

If you're a novice to the dating scene, chances are your idea of a good first date is dinner and a movie. But let me warn you fellas, taking a girl to see a romantic comedy might seem like a...

/ November 2, 2011

Should Prostitution Be Legalized?*

Nic and Neely from The Dating Marketplace have one of the most entertaining, relevant ongoing discussions on all things sex/dating/relationships on talk radio. They are not afraid to tackle even the most controversial issues with intelligence and humor. Last week,...

/ June 9, 2011