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Ask the Urban Dater: The Ex That Won’t Go Away

We're at it again, more from ‘Ask the Urban Dater,' our user generated submissions to us about their problems and mishaps where we attempt to say something of meaning and use. Good fucking luck with that. So feel free to...

/ May 20, 2013
strip club love

Ask the Urban Dater: Strip Club Love Edition

It's been a while since we've done a “Ask the Urban Dater” sesh. That said, I'll fire off of a few of these and get to the brass tacks!   About four years ago when I was working as a...

/ May 19, 2013
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Size Queen: Am I Worthy of Love?

Sometimes we sit and stare at our phone screens, obsessively waiting for replies from people who seemed into us, but aren’t texting back. You may be wondering, “Am I worthy of love Wait. I talked about this already, didn’t I?...

/ January 26, 2013