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Tracey Chandler is a freelance writer travelling the world and reporting on city culture, expat life, female lifestyle issues (including love, sex and the trials of dating), online marketing and volunteer projects abroad. She speaks four languages, studies Fine Arts, is allergic to wheat and never stops reading.

love in the big city

Is It Harder to Find Love in the Big City?

Many people gravitate towards big cities because of the excitement, career opportunities and the chance to enjoy a wide range of activities and entertainment, all in one place. But what happens when you’re looking to settle down with a partner?...

/ May 25, 2013

The Differences Between Muslim Marriage in the UK and the US

Islamic weddings vary from community to community, with different traditions reflecting the cultural heritage of varying Muslim countries around the world. This article looks at some of the different laws, customs and celebrations that are found in Muslim marriages in...

/ January 6, 2013
Why doesn't he call back?

5 Reasons Why He Doesn’t Call You Back

Nowadays there are plenty of ways to meet guys. From your local bar to an activities class, from speed dating to online sites, there are lots of different ways to connect with other singles.  But after you meet for your...

/ September 4, 2012