Should You Check Your Partner’s Texts And Emails?

checking your boyfriend's texts

Decades ago couples had much more privacy than they do today, compliments of the technological age we find ourselves in now. A private conversation merely entailed talking on the phone in an empty room, or exchanging words face to face. Today, however, there is a “paper trail” of dialogue left by way of emails and text messages. Of course, emails and … [Read more...]

Do Rom-Coms Give Romance A Bad Name?


Romantic comedies are very popular these days in the movie theaters. The best ones are usually guaranteed box office smashes, and some even become classics and hits with the critics. It's also a genre that remains popular among vintage film buffs, because so many of the classic Hollywood movies were rom-coms. In modern times they have been roughed up a bit, … [Read more...]

First Date Dos And Don’ts

First date dos and don'ts

Ahhh - the first date problem. For the single person, the first date is an all-important event that can make or break a potential relationship. Married and long-time couples can easily forget what it's like to be in the dating world at all, and especially how fraught with difficulty that first date can be. So their advice is usually to just be yourself and … [Read more...]

Turning Into An Old Married Couple Before It’s Your Time

old couples

Almost every couple knows how it goes. The first few months of a new relationship are filled with passion, fiery lovemaking, up all night intimate conversations, and expressions of lifetime devotion. The lovers go out to their favourite nightspots together, dance the evening away, and have a great time with their friends as a couple. Then something happens, … [Read more...]