I Married Wings and Baseball

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If you're a guy and this title caught your eye, congratulations…you're totally normal. If you're a lady and you're reading this, guess what?! You're normal too. It took a long time for me, as a dater, a woman, a writer, a career girl, to figure out who I wanted to be with. I didn't know what job he’d have, how tall or fit he would be, or how many kids he'd … [Read more...]

Breakup Honesty


We all know there's a right way and wrong way breakup with someone. Right Way: get coffee, make it brief, be sincere; Wrong Way: Hire skywriting jets to inscribe, "I want to see other people" in the cloud-free skies while on vacation in Hawaii. Let’s not pretend this is news to anyone in the room, but what about the rules within the rules? Yes, there's a … [Read more...]

The Promise of Online Dating

Well, here we are, all of us, together here on the internet. It’s cozy. Facebooking and picture sharing, business card creating, bill paying, car renting, net –flixing, job finding, stamp ordering, grocery shopping, appointment booking, recipe finding, generation SCREEN. We are on the internet for everything. Remember when it was just for research, when … [Read more...]