Frequently Asked Questions for Contributors

the Urban Dater receives a lot of inquiries from folks who wish to submit content for publication on our website. Here are the most common questions we receive.

First thing's first
Sponsored vs Non-Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content
You are marketing a product or service for a client or business you work for, or maybe you want a valuable backlink for your client/company website.

We charge for that.

See the Sponsored Content FAQs.

Content Creators and Contributors
If you're a business owner, writer/author, or content creator promoting their own business, work, or side hustle, you may post to the Urban Dater.

You can post for free.

See Content Contributor FAQs

Sponsored Content FAQs

Review our Current Rate Sheet:

No. However, we'll provide 15% off your total purchase if you purchase multiple articles. You must purchase all articles at the same time. The minimum purchase is three articles.

Do you have an infinite budget? You don't. At a minimum, articles stay up for a year UNLESS Google or another search engine marks content or links as toxic. At that point, we remove links or the article altogether and without notice.

Credit Card or PayPal only.

You may remit payment using this link.

Usually. Your content must be written for an audience interested in romance, dating, and relationships. We don't publish advertorials. Your article should read naturally to our target audience.

We allow do-follow links on sponsored content. We may remove links if we find they are toxic or trigger a manual action from Google or another search engine without notice.

All Sponsored Content Must Be Paid for BEFORE publishing. No exceptions. We accept PayPal and Credit Card as forms of payment.

Sponsored Content is published within 24 – 48hrs after we have both your payment and the edited article.



Content Contributor FAQs

No. If you are an author or content creator promoting your business or side-hustle, we do not charge you for exposure on the Urban Dater. If you're placing links for your client, we charge for that. You need to have a valid web presence and the inklings of an audience.

Does the Pope wear a funny hat? Review our Style Guidelines here.

Yes. Please review them here.

For Non-Sponsored content, your article will be published anywhere from three to fourteen days or more.

the Urban Dater is here for YOU. We WANT you to succeed and use our platform to amplify your voice if that's your intent. Or we want to be a safe space where you can publish your works about dating, sex, and relationships. We understand you have things that you wish to promote. That's a-okay with us. Please let us know. We'll allow that free of charge. But you kinda have to have your shit together. You should have a website, the inklings of a following, a somewhat viable social media presence, etc.