Susan Ziggy

Raised by a psychologist father who was married several times, Ziggy knows a thing or two about relationships and communication. She’s a tried and true motivator, all parts feisty and comedic, is the epitome of approachable, and lives each day working to help as many people as possible. It wasn't until she experienced marriage counseling that realized she was worthy and capable of greater love. Now remarried to her “perfectly-flawed man” Ziggy enjoys inspiring and educating others on how to accept themselves and recognize how to find their perfectly-flawed counterpart. She aims at tapping into the true needs and wants we each have in relationships, while helping to identify those traits in others. Ziggy holds a Master’s degree in special education, is an expert in communication and human behavior, and authored “What To Do Before You Say ‘I Do’”, a useful guide for those to find the relationship they want and deserve.