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Jasmine is a southern belle currently residing in mid-west. .” On her quest to find Mr. Right she’s kissed her share of frogs, but she’s keeping her fingers crossed for her Prince Charming. In the meantime Jasmine is busy living, loving and enjoying this phase of life. Jasmine is a lover of good conversation, great food, travel, the color purple, spending times with friends and champagne. One of her resolutions for 2012 is to activate her long lost blog, “Thoughts from Jasmine.” Feel free to follow Jasmine on Twitter at CarpeDiemJBS

relationship split ends

Relationships are Like Spilt Ends…Sometimes you Have to Cut Them

I just got of the phone with a friend and her situation reminded me of one my favorite JBS original quotes…”sometimes relationships are like split ends and they need to be cut” This can apply to both sexes, but I...

/ January 6, 2012