It's Okay, You Can Laugh

This is a collection of stories from my dating life. So far.

Some, I’d like to think of Hemingway may of wrote himself in its pure romantic nature. Some, painful and bittersweet interactions. And some, just downright shit.

Despite it all, I and hope you can too- laugh with me/at me about these interactions.

It is a very crappy Carrie Bradshaw, replace Cosmos and Mr Big with pints and twenty-something uni boys and you really have some fine literature on your hands.

I'm also British so think of me as an even sadder Bridget Jones that does not end up with her Mr Darcy. Also, I'm not a writer- I hope that isn't obvious.

This blog has been inspired by me and my friends dissecting my tragic love life in the morning afters or my drunken ramblings in smoking areas.

Every time I tell a story, after or before I pile on my Odyssey styled monologues to my friends, I say this- it’s okay you can laugh when concern masks their faces.

Sod the love of your life, sod the rom coms, and sod the dating advice. I can laugh about it and I hope you do too x

PSA: Names and locations have been changed. This is not shit talking, this is just relaying funny truths. Want to reassure readers no personal information is shared or anything exposing of individuals involved. I’m not a dickhead.